BGC Trust Medical College will be a bold and innovative leader in providing an accessible, adaptable and challenging learning environment to develop medical graduates of high quality and skill with good sense of humanity and as ever lasting aptitude and urge for further medical education and research.

The college seeks to achieve this mission by committing itself to and being accountable for :

  • Providing a student centered educational environment to develop high quality medical graduates who will be able to contribute to individuals, families, communities and the nation at large and have the capacity for and commitment to enhancing professional and personal grooming.
  • Producing quality research to its regions, the profession and of national and international distinction.
  • Ensuring effective resource management and generation.

The Key Values relevant to BGC Trust Medical College achieving its mission are :

  • Discovery, reservation, refinement and dissemination of knowledge through teaching, research and scholarly inquiry, which draw strength from each other.
  • Social justice, equity of opportunity, tolerance, ethical conduct and accountability.
  • International independence and freedom of inquiry.